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"Ship to Gaza" is an initiative for practical solidarity with the civic population in Gaza. The organization is independent of any religion or political parties, and works for the aim that international law will count also on the Gaza strip. 

This year (2014) we are working together with the Freedom Flotilla Coalition with the project called Gaza's Ark ( A fishing boat has been transformed into a cargo boat in Gaza, with the useful help of Palestinian fishermen. This spring/summer, the boat will leave its port in Gaza with products produced in Palestine. Buyers from all continents will be expecting their goods to arrive. In this way, we hope to stimulate the production and industry in Gaza. After nearly seven years of blockade and brutal attacks, a big share of the population is left unemployed and the economy is broken. The siege is very effective both in blocking imports and on blocking exports. The aim of Gazas Ark is to be an example of the trade activity that Gaza could easily be a part of, if it was not under the pressure of the blockade. We want to contribute with "Trade - not aid".

In 2010, 2011 and 2012, Ship to Gaza Norway (STGN) worked with the Freedom Flotilla coalition to send boats with necessary building-, medical- and school materials to Gaza. The aim was to break the siege, and at the same time bring products that it would be natural for people of Gaza to import through its territorial waters and ports. The three Freedom Flotilla projects, including the project with the sailboat Estelle in 2012, got a lot of media attention and helped ease the siege a bit at the time, but our boats were brutally and violently stopped by Israeli forces in international waters, and never reached the ports of Gaza. Nevertheless we will not give up our goal, and our goal is to brake the siege of Gaza!

Follow us in our exciting projects! Help us brake the siege of Gaza!

Feel free to contact us if you would like to contribute or if you have any queries:
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We also have local groups in all parts of Norway, let us know if you would like to join the one in your home town:
Ship to Gaza Lillehammer (on Facebook)
Ship to Gaza Hamar (on Facebook)
Ship to Gaza Ringerike
Ship to Gaza Oslo/Akershus (on Facebook)
Ship to Gaza Bergen 995 961 350
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(Published 18.03.2014)