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Palestinian NGOs condemn Greek government decision to block Freedom Flotilla II

PNGO Press statement Sat, 2 Jul 2011

The Palestinian NGO's Network (PNGO) condemns the Greek government's decision to prevent Freedom Flotilla 2 from leaving it's port, heading towards Gaza Strip, as well as its prevention of the U.S. boat from leaving and holding the Canadian ship documents.

PNGO network considers this unfortunate Greek decision and procedure to be a response to the Israeli pressure and incitement campaign against the Freedom Flotilla 2, which holds hundreds of peace activists who are on a humanitarian mission in the framework of international law with a main aim of contributing to efforts to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip and delivering humanitarian aid and building materials which the occupation still prevents from entering Gaza Strip due to the illegal siege, which the Israeli occupation has been imposing for the fifth year in a row.

PNGO points out that the Greek government was supposed to help those solidarity activists and to take side of the international law, and to put pressure on the occupying power in order to lift the siege imposed on Gaza Strip, not to prevent the Freedom Flotilla 2 from reaching Gaza Strip.

PNGO confirms that the Freedom Flotilla 2 and despite having been subjected to incitement campaigns, threats and assaults, as well as pressure from the occupation, has succeeded in shedding the light on the besieged Gaza Strip and the suffering of the Palestinian people due to this illegal siege.

PNGO commends the Freedom Flotilla 2 activists and their wonderful steadfastness in the face of these Israeli threats, which the activists are facing with a great will and challenge; a matter that reflects their belief in the justice of the cause they're fighting for, which is solidarity with our people and contributing to efforts of breaking the siege.

PNGO demands that the Greek government draw back its decision and immediately allow Freedom Flotilla 2 to leave its ports, protect it and ensure its safety and to investigate in the vandalism by unknown to one of the fleet boats located in one of its ports.

PNGO stresses on its demand of the international community and especially the Secretary General of the United Nations for the need to act seriously to lift the Gaza blockade in all its forms and to fully open crossings to the movement of people and goods in both directions, as well as protect Freedom Flotilla 2 and ensure its safe arrival to the Gaza Strip.

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