Call from Palestine

Beskjed fra Union of the Agricultural Work Committees Association in the Gaza Strip & The Ghasan Kanafani Developmental Association:

Call from Palestine to the Freedom Flotilla

We the Palestinians of the besieged Gaza Strip and the rest of occupied Palestine, on this day, more than eight years after closures began on Gaza, are saying: Enough discussion, enough, waiting – the full siege on the Gaza Strip by land, air and sea must end.

The atrocities in the war on Gaza last summer left us with a loss of 2,200 lives, among them over 500 children. More than 11,000 people were injured. The Physical destruction was devastating. The homeless can be counted to 100,000.

Reconstruction has, despite promises from the international community hardly even begun. There has been no accountability to address violations of international law.

The is no solution for Gaza no just peace for Palestine without an end to the siege on Gaza and the forced separation between Gaza and the other occupied territories. Gaza, the port of Palestine, must open now.

We ask you to help us challenge this blockade by sailing to Gaza and welcome the new 

Flotilla to our shores.