IDF forbereder seg til FF2

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the Israeli 
government is "launching a public campaign" today, March 22,
2011 aimed at stopping the planned International Freedom
Flotilla set to sail this spring. This news comes on the heels
 of information that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) announced it 
has formed a special unit to "monitor" foreign nationals opposed
to its policies, including the flotilla.


There will be approximately 15
boats that will sail to Gaza with people from over 22 countries.
This non-violent, international flotilla will be sailing close 
to the one year anniversary of a flotilla that was brutally
attacked by the IDF, killing nine people and injuring many more.

Ship to Gaza Norway is outraged that the Israeli
 government is monitoring people in this country, as well as
other nations, who are doing nothing illegal or threatening to 
that government.

"If the Israeli government is worried about so-called
"delegitimization" they should put an end to their immoral siege 
against the people of Gaza. Instead of monitoring people in
 other countries, the Israeli government should be ending their 
illegal, counterproductive, and often violent policies towards
 Palestinians and internationals protesting peacefully," said
Gail Miller, one of the organizers. "Israeli authorities seem 
intent on silencing dissent from within and without. If Israel
 believes that infiltrating, spying on, and perhaps once again 
attacking, un-armed human rights advocates in international
 waters or elsewhere is going to serve Israel's interest or 
lessen criticism of its unsustainable policies they are wrong."

Uttalelse i samarbeid med U.S. Boat to Gaza.